Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sometimes we just need a break eh?

It’s easy to start something, but seeing it through till the very end?  Maybe not so much.. and if you’re anything like me, you may understand where I’m coming from.

Whatever it is that you have started still nags at you every day to be done and maybe you even hear it cry out to you.. “come back!!” But often we are so caught up in our mundane day to day lives that it’s much easier to simply just push it aside and just keep on going. I am unfortunately one of these people.. and I say “unfortunately” because sometimes finding time to be creative EVERY DAY is simply impossible! (Well to me at least!)

The “it” that I am referring to is the burning need and desire some people have to just have more - be more and be creative, in their own way. It may simply mean doing a doodle, taking a pretty photograph or cooking up a gourmet meal. Each individual has their own needs and things that make them happy, and keep their creative monster at bay.


In the June issue of the Ideas Magazine (one of my favourite magazines) there is an article entitled “A little every day” and it’s about starting a 365 day project, which is naturally amazingly inspirational with fantastic examples of creative folk out there.


The first time I read it I thought... oh how lovely.. These people are so awesome to do these things.. and of course.. “I WISH IT WAS MEEEE!!” but left it at that..

I read the article again, and again.. and out of nowhere.. My creative monster started nagging at me and jeepers can I just say “it” was not impressed.

Where am I going with all this?

I started this blog a while ago.. almost 9 months ago with the full intention of actually seeing it though .. which I clearly didn’t. The reason I started the blog, is not really what I am going to use if for now, although I will be doing what I intended it for at the end of the day.. well hopefully! (That is a post for another day)

So here it is..

  • I will attempt a 365 day project.. Starting on the 1st July 2013.. 
  • I will incorporate my initial “vision” for this blog as much as possible. This will hopefully become more apparent as I get out of my comfort zone.. you will see.. it’s going to be FAB. 
  • I will post every day. EVERY DAY.. for 365 days. 

What I hope to achieve:

Freedom for my soul, and solace for my creative monster..

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