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I have taken a bold leap and started a 365 project which entails blogging every day for an entire year.. Yes, it was my “brilliant” idea, although it was inspired by the Ideas Magazine.

Read my post about it here.

What started out as a special space for me to share pretty things I discover has now taken an entirely new direction.

You see I love magazines.. I always have. I enjoy them because of the quick reads, the beautiful images and often useful information I find in them.

There are a few magazines I purchase on a monthly basis and have for years and years. They are all neatly stacked in a bookshelf, ordered by month and publication. When I sometimes sit quietly and think about things I want to do or make I often think “where did I see that before..?” then the long hall begins.. Paging lovingly through each magazine until I find what I was looking for. Naturally I also discover new things to do during this exercise!

I have also recently discovered new magazine treasures which will now increase my growing repertoire, and strangely my shift seems to be more focused on food than on crafts as it did in the past.

So, this is a space for me to share my magazine finds, and unfortunately for you dear reader you may have to ingest sporadic posts of my daily mumblings, considering I now have to post every day for the next year.

I do wish I could simply blog all day about things “magazine related” or spend my hours researching and discovering new trends and things I would like to try, however I do have a full time day job and commitments I need to honour daily. After all I would like to think that I do actually have a life which will naturally not involve this blog!

I am doing this for my sanity and it is an active plea to keep my “creative monster” at bay (again read this post here)

I do hope you will find something useful amongst the numerous posts that will follow over the next year and nothing would make me happier than for you to leave a comment, a suggestion or (drum roll please) even follow my blog.

Thanks for being here,

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