Sunday, 4 August 2013

On 4x4 (ing)

I know .. I know.. I am yet another post behind schedule.. so that makes three now.. (yes I have been keeping track)

Yesterday (Saturday) we went on a 4x4 training course. I was merely a “spectator” and did not do any driving but wow! What an experience!

I learnt more about how a car works in those few hours than I ever knew before! I can now tell you what a “diff” is and how it works and I could *THEORETICALLY* do some basic off-road driving if I had to.. like if I really needed to get out of a blood thirsty giraffe’s way in the Kruger Park or if I had to manoeuvre a car onto a sidewalk at a massive shoe sale due to lack or parking space. Yes, I am sure I could manage that. 

Did you know that when you are driving your car on a normal tar road you are driving in what is called “High Range” using two wheels powered by the engine. So that would be H2 ok.. I don’t know what exactly the “High” part means, but I can tell you that when you are driving off road.. like on a dirt road for example you should put your car into high range but drive it with all for wheels receiving power from the engine.. which means H4.

If you want to tackle an obstacle, that is obviously when the fun begins.. you will need to get into what us called “Low Range” - again I have no idea what the “Low” means, but all I do know is that it will give your car far more power from the engine. This power will go to all four wheels of your vehicle when you …. (drum roll please) have your diff lock on, which means…. If one or two wheels are off the ground and have no traction (another new one) the engine will send the power to the two wheels which are on a surface and …. Ta-daaaa! The vehicle will move!

Wowsers.. Who would have guessed I could actually find all this so so very much fun and interesting! Being as my friends like to say a “girly girl” they would probably not believe that I could enjoy something like this. I must say that I did (naturally) paint my nails bright pink the morning before the 4x4 course! 

All you need to remember is “keep it low and keep it slow”.

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