Monday, 5 August 2013

Super Easy Braai Bread - Roosterkoek

My darling Stu makes this lovely braai bread or “rooster koek” quite often when he braai’s for us. It is really simple to make (or so he says) and all you need is self raising flour and beer. I tried to find out what the ratio of beer to flour is, but being a “pro” at making this it seems there is more to making the braai bread than simply combining a few ingredients. 

Super delicious Braai Bread Ingredients:

  • Beer
  • Self-raising flour

Combine the self-raising flour and beer until a dough consistency forms. The dough should not be too sticky and stick to the bowl and your fingers or too dry - i.e. it should not crumble apart.

Knead the dough adding more flour or beer until the desired consistency is reached. Roll the dough into balls – about the size of a small(er) tennis ball and place on a floured surface. Allow to rise in a warm place.

Braai Bread rising!

After you have braaied or cooked all your meat on an open flame, place the braai bread on a grill over medium heat. Allow to cook until cooked through – turning regularly.


Once done serve warm with butter and JAM!

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