Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kitten Tales

Today Alex and I made a box house for Lola. With her becoming more boisterous every day we have had to resort to all sorts of tricks to keep her occupied. We took a simple box, made some holes in it, connected these holes to other boxes and voila! “Lolatropils” as Alex calls it. I took some scrap pieces of felt and tied them to some string and hung them from the “roof” of the main “city” as Alex named it and she just had the best time ever!

If I have time I will make her some more toys this weekend.. although she just loves a simple toilet roll with the edges cut and turned up, and a simple ball of crumpled paper!

She is bringing us all such joy and we love her so very much! Oh no.. she’s climbed onto my laptop again and awo’m P[dvs;LEFSDF DSVSE-36

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