Saturday, 6 July 2013

A New Beauty - Food & Home Magazine

I stumbled upon the Food & Home Magazine last month - and I must say what caught my eye was the very attractive cover! I’m a sucker for pretty things!

I was not disappointed when I browsed through it for the first time either. The entire magazine, from the layout & quirky fonts to the attractive images make it a great read. The one thing I totally loved about it was the fact that they had articles, interesting articles about foodie people and even included some of their recipes. Not only one but a few! I am yet to try some of them and of course the pork pie they featured on the June 2013 cover! The magazine also came with a totally free recipe book from Royal Baking Powder. I was smitten.

Food & Home July 2013 Issue

I bought the magazine again today and while doing my first “browse” I saw they are offering a special subscription price for the month of July 2013. With everything getting more and more expensive, I thought I must just share this super saving! 12 issues for … (drum roll please..) HALF PRICE!!

And that is exactly what I did today! I haven’t subscribed to anything since I was a young girl and that was to the “Barbie” Club - I cannot remember exactly what it entailed! I still have the certificate which clearly states that my membership would only be for one year but it included a very personal scribble from Barbie herself saying “We pledge to remain friends forever” Love it!

My spectacular Barbie Club Certificate

Well Food & Home magazine.. I’m looking forward to our “one year friendship” and I pledge to enjoy every issue. More so if they are all as amazing as the two issues I already have. Naturally I would also like to try out the divine recipes sometime this month, so watch this space!

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