Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A New Habit - Body Brushing

In this month’s Your Family Magazine (July 2013) there is a snip bit about body brushing and how beneficial it is for your health.

They say it only takes 2 minutes to do and it can help to banish toxins our bodies produce daily which can add up to half a kilogram!!

Well, when I heard this and the words “half a kilogram” I knew I had to try it! So I did.

I have been body brushing religiously, every day for the past two weeks, and as the post in the Your Family Magazine says, I did notice that my skin does feel softer. I cannot say that I do fee re-energised, however.. I still struggle to get up in the mornings.. But I think this is merely a personal trait that may never be “fixed”

So how do you do this whole body brushing thing!?

Well, it is really simple. Get yourself a body brush – these are really inexpensive to purchase and are handy to have around. Basically all that you need to do is brush your entire body each day, starting with your feet and ankles.  Brush upwards and use short brush strokes, starting with the right or left leg. Continue towards your décolletage. I love this word! They use it in the article and it basically means the delicate area on a woman’s torso, between the neck and waist.

Then start with either the left or right arm and continue to brush along the arms towards the heart, you can also brush your neck.


You should really try it, and as it is winter here in South Africa it really does help to get rid of extremely dry skin. Trust me I am certainly no beauty expert and I really do the bare minimum.. but it really does feel good and I must say I will probably continue body brushing indefinitely! I usually body brush before my shower then lather on my favourite cream afterwards..

What a treat!

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