Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lory Park Zoo - A Fun Outing

I went to the Lory Animal and Owl Sanctuary today and it really was a lovely morning out. I am not a fan of Zoo’s, even Circuses which involve animals. The zoo is clean, the staff is friendly and the animals are well looked after.

The zoo is situated in Midrand, and honestly you would never believe such a beautiful retreat could be found in such close proximity to the city. You can have functions at the zoo and they have various programs at the sanctuary that allow visitors to interact with the animals. Feeding times for the big cats are scheduled during the day which makes for an exciting and interesting outing.

I highly recommend the Lory Park Zoo, especially for those with younger children. The zoo is a good size and it does not take an entire day to leisurely walk through the space and view all the animals. Naturally this does depend on how slowly you walk, or crawl!

We also had a bite to eat there and although the power was off, we enjoyed one of the best (untoasted) chicken mayo sandwiches I have ever had!

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