Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ode to a Car

My brother kindly took me to the "yard" where my car was today to fetch a few of the things I know I had left in my car amidst the panic on Friday after my accident. The gentleman there, the “security guard” knew exactly where my car was and proceeded to direct us to her.

He showed us the damage on the chassis that he had pointed out to my insurance and it was rather astounding. Not the fact that he kind of knows my car inside out, but the severity of the damage on my car kind of blew me away. He said it is such a shame because he could see how well I took care of the car, and coming from a stranger, I deeply appreciated this.

Anyway.. I am still incredibly grateful for the fact that I am ok, and that it is really only a car that needs to be replaced, but oh the anguish! The insecurities, the reliance on others… the insurance that always pays out less than you wished they did and the fact that you would rather buy a bicycle or a pair of roller skates before you break the bank and incur unnecessary debt are mere drops in the pond of life..

At least now I can add the fact that I have “written off a car and survived it" to my ever increasing repertoire and know for sure that there is definitely not enough botox in the world to plump up my cars now sagging chassis.

I will remember the precious moments we shared while I ring the bell on my new pink bicycle or blow a whistle whilst I roller-skate from A to B..

You will be missed my dear “Little Missy”

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