Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I love Kate Sidley

I was so pleased when I saw a new piece written by Kate Sidley the new (August 2013) in the Your Family Magazine. I seemed to have missed her in the July 2013 edition.

I just love Kate Sidley. She is so so funny and I love her funny and quirky comments in her articles. She writes a weekly book column in the Sunday Times and has a new book called “The Agony Chef”

I have referred to a number of her articles in the Your Family Magazine on numerous occasions. My favourite is one where she tells people not to worry if your child is still drinking out of a bottle, because at some stage he or she will get off it. Gosh , I cannot remember which edition it was but it was so funny! Her new book looks hilarious and I do wish I had a copy..


Make sure you read her contribution to the Your Family Magazine! She had me in stiches again this month when she wrote about make overs and how we all are somewhat consumed with reality TV and all the make overs that are showcased all the time. She says that “my dog are lovey and not very troublesome at all, but I feel that with the right help they might be able to do simple, useful tasks, like putting the kettle on..”

She is amazing! I love Kate Sidley!

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