Monday, 22 July 2013

What Can Be Done in a Day?

With me being booked off for a few days to recover from my smashing ordeal on Friday, I have spent the entire day doing absolutely nothing, apart from lying on my bed and cuddling with Lola.

It has actually really made me think of how much I usually get done in a day and as today draws to an end I realise how much I could have done today but didn’t. You would think that with the usual busy schedule that I have (who does not) I would be grateful for some time to rest and recuperate but strangely enough it has left me feeling wrecked with guilt.

I feel so bad that I did not work today.. I could have quite happily from my laptop in bed but I did not. I suppose the point is that I do need to rest and I can really feel my body telling me to but I am finding it extremely difficult to do so without remorse.

There are often not enough hours in the day to get things done, as we all know too well. Our lives are filled with chores, jobs, kids, errands and commitments that we often have to re-schedule for another day because so many of us take on more than we can manage.

When we get some “time off” you would think we would automatically take it as an opportunity to get things done, and catch up on all the outstanding things we still need to get too.

But, alas I have not. I have done absolutely nothing today.

In the second edition of the Flow Magazine International that I bought with my July 2013 copy of the Ideas Magazine there is an article titled “Life is About Finding the Balance”. I read through it briefly today and I knowing me I will read it again and mull over it for a bit. It truly is a great read, and quite fitting for me today, feeling the extremes of constantly doing too much and now doing too little.

One thing the article suggests is that we should all develop our own slogan for life, and I think this a fantastic idea. The article also says that if we live our lives with our values and morals in mind we can learn to live more mindfully.

It’s given me a lot to think about, and seeing as I have all this time to think I might just as well! You really, really need to get a copy of this magazine if you haven’t already!

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