Thursday, 11 July 2013

Praise to the Humble Pencil

This months Flow Magazine (ISSUE 2) has such an interesting article about the humble pencil in it.

Gosh when last did you actually think about this amazing tool and how much it is still used today?

As the article suggests, and I totally agree:

“With a pencil you say, ‘I dare to make mistakes,
I dare to doubt, I dare to show it is not yet certain’”

Moeyaert says that people may doubt you when you use a pencil, but sees it as a tool of the daredevil and not of the coward. He has written about his love of pencils in a book called 56 Kilometres, as a pencil can be used to draw a line 56 kilometres long!

Pencils are great if you think about it.. You can choose if you want to erase what you have written.. you can decide if you want to write softly or HARDER. 

You are in control. I like that! You can draw, you can write and you can colour..

I suddenly miss my days at art school.. enjoying life drawing lessons with my ever so loved 2B pencil..

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