Friday, 5 July 2013

Friendship Makes the World go Round

Today was a sad day for me.  A dear colleague and friend has resigned and gone on to greener pastures. Whilst I am still extremely happy for him, a part of me is devastated, We were not “good friends” we didn’t share intimate details but he was and will always have a special place in my heart.

To me, friendships are really important. It’s about being there for the people you love and about accepting them for who they are. I am extremely fortunate to say I have a handful (literally) of friends that I love dearly and will really do anything for.

I think that if you can say you have five true friends you are really, really lucky. Gone are the days of the ever tormenting high school “clicks” and student times with friendships where everyone goes their own way and never bothers to make contact again. Ironically two of my closest friends are from my student days, but whatever happened to all the other friends that pass through your life? Sure they are all your friends on Facebook, but where is the everyday connection, the simple talks about nonsense and the deep conversations when you or they need help or advice?

My friends are truly amazing. If I don’t speak to some of them for a while we simply catch up where we left off.. No hard feelings. I share different things with different friends and sometimes it’s OK not to tell everyone everything.

I can honestly say that my darling mom has had huge influence in the way I am with those dear to me. In our home when growing up we would always speak kindly to each other and we are always considerate towards one another.  We support and love each other all the time no matter what and love unconditionally. I suppose that has contributed to the friends I have gathered and kept in my life and heaven only knows how grateful I am for them!

I truly love you all xxx

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