Friday, 12 July 2013

What do YOU give yourself?

I was reading the article in the Flow Magazine today titled “What do you give yourself?” It is a powerful article to those who are listening.

Really, if you have not got a copy of this magazine.. get one TODAY!!

What an amazing article.. It’s about a book called “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” written by an Australian Nurse, Bronnie Ware. I know this is an intensely “depressing” topic for a Friday, but heavens only knows how much I can relate to this amazing article!

It is basically is about is what is written in Ware’s book. The writing in the book has had such a profound effect on the writer of this article. She goes on to say how we need to fill voids in our lives, and how very often- this is done with the constant need to buy things..

You really need to read this article, because what the writer is telling us all is that we need to create or own happiness and not be consumed by empty voids which fulfil us, only for a few minutes.

I can totally relate to this.. The article suggests that one “day dreams” about things that we want in life and says this is healthy for us to release the constant “nags” of everyday and in so forces is to live the way we truly want to.

Honestly.. Who has time for that?We are often forced to live each day in the moment, forced to worry and to stress about things we have  no control over. I do wish that the happy daydreams I do have on occasion would come true.  But what if they don’t?

What if the daydreams are so unrealistic that what I think will make me happy actually does not? The author of the article relates this to shopping - Buying endless items that give one a “quick fix” yet leave us all so empty a few days later.

I have no idea what I choose to give myself. I just choose not to want to feel so hyper stressed and to not become the person my situations are making me become. I DO want to be happy, I DO want to have fun memories that I can cherish on my deathbed. I DO NOT want to have regrets.

I need to decide. And maybe so do you?

What “simple pleasures” will you grant yourself? (What are actually yours already and you have full entitlement on)

Well.. For me.. I choose to “allow myself to be happy” as the article suggests, and to allow myself to “let go” – of all the frustrations that are out of my control..

And lastly.. To realise that I am in control of my own destiny, and I will not allow daily events to dictate my emotions. I will let go. I have to. Even if it is only for my own sanity!!

I totally stole this from the Flow Magazines Facebook page.. Please visit it ! The caption they posted with the image reads: "If money isn't making you happy, what about time? We ask you to consider: what do you give yourself? Image by Laura Ruth."

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