Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What's Between your Covers?

This month’s issue of the Ideas Magazine had a special offer which included a copy of the amazing Flow Magazine, a popular Dutch magazine that is simply packed with inspiration, interesting articles, and even beautiful window art pieces and MORE!

The amazing Flow Magazine
Seriously, if you have not bought it yet.. you simply have to! I went to three stores before I found the offer, but let me tell you it is WELL worth the money and effort. The magazine screams “read me!!” and has the most beautiful inspirational quotes and illustrations.

Let me tell you.. here in South Africa all our magazines are rife with adverts for laundry powder, baby nappies and even hardware products.. yes.. all in one magazine!? Can you make a connection between these random items!? Because I don’t think I can!!

Anywho.. the Flow Magazine is nothing like what we have here in South Africa.. it is filled, I tell you FILLED with information and articles you actually want to read! I’m seriously considering subscribing to this magazine, I just hope they post to RSA, because I couldn’t find any areas in the country which stock the magazine!

Which brings me to my second point.. This month (July 2013) if the Ideas Magazine they announced a HUGE price increase which they justified by saying that they do not want to have to fill the pages of the magazine with numerous adverts. They go on by saying that they may have been forced to close the magazine if they did not increase the price. (I would die if they did!!)

Now, I totally so understand this, however how can it be possible that a magazine (such as Flow) is able to provide such quality without a single advert in the entire issue?

Well one thing is for sure.. I will be keeping my eye on the content if the Ideas Magazine and it better be bursting with really informative information. Now that I have seen what other magazines in the world can create, only time will tell if it will deliver.

I am not sure how often the Flow Magazine is published. But perhaps the great folk at Ideas should consider having a bi-monthly magazine? That may be an option? But let me tell you I would not mind paying over R100 per month for a magazine such as Flow. It is truly a keeper and I know I would refer to it again and again!

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