Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday Ramblings

I have no idea why we all hate Mondays. Perhaps it is because after two days of being able to do what you want you have to return to reality and get things done. I suppose weekends do entail having things to do that you do not always want to do, like washing the clothes, doing the dishes and all those household chores.

To be very honest I actually do not mind doing them at all. I quite enjoy doing the washing, the lovely clean smell of clothes coming straight from the machine is so soothing, and just for a moment everything smells clean and fresh. A new beginning..

I wished yesterday would not end. I (like so many) did not want to go back to work to slog through the unfinished word from Friday and get new things done. I did have a productive day at work today I must say, and only had two annoying clients to deal with, which was great. A good day.

Plus now that the schools are back we can all go back to “normal”. Regular bed times, good eating habits and a routine. I do like routines. They make you feel safe, you are always kind of in control because you know what will happen next.

Unfortunately the nature of my work does not always cater for my love of routines. No matter how hard I try to plan my day I almost always come short, and have to play “catch-up” the next day, or sometimes even the following week.

Today was a good day though, I could go to work, fetch my son from school, come home and make lunch, then slog on. Of course we almost tripped over each other to get to Lola (our new kitty) and it seems she had a good day too, so smiles all round.

I reckon Mondays are not too bad sometimes, especially when you get to come home to this:

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